Product Design

Veraton is the trademarked name of the proprietary rubber formulations manufactured by APAC Rubber, LLC. The APAC VERATON proprietary formulation is known for its exceptional tolerance to chemicals and high heat resistance in steam injection wells. Due to its unique properties, APAC VERATON rubber packings are universally applicable in all types of well conditions including sour gas and heavy crude as well as high temperature steam injection wells. VERATON Rubber packings have universal capabilities and applications.

VERATON NS-850 formulation is the top APAC formulation and is known for its unique ability to withstand prolonged high temperatures, has been tested up to 2500 PSI and 1100 degrees and has an operating range of 850 degrees Fahrenheit. VERATON NS-850 is intended for extreme pressures and temperatures where other products fail. VERATON NS-850 is recognized by its unique “cinnamon” smell.

This APAC formulation is designed for all well and packing applications including all stem-injected wells. VERATON NS-500 has been tested to 1000 PSI and 500 degrees and has an operating range of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

This APAC formulation is designed for all normal well and packing applications including stem-injected wells where temperatures are not expected to average above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. VERATON NS-250 has been tested to 1000 PSI and 500 degrees and has an operating range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brass impregnated VERATON Rubber packings are available in most formulations listed above and designed for use in corrosive conditions to keep the polished rod smooth and free of corrosive deposits. (Not available in NS-850)

APAC ProLong split chevron style packings are 3 3/8″ OD designed to serve all cone style packing applications and are interchangeable with all manufacturers’ stuffing boxes that utilize cone style packings. APAC ProLong packings utilize a unique double stepped design on the bottom lower follower that results in significantly increased packing compression stability. ProLong packings utilize brass rather than steel as a lower follower and will not damage misaligned polished rods. ProLong packings derive their name from the fact they demonstrably outperform all other cone style packings by utilizing more rings per packing resulting in more wiping surfaces. ProLong packings require only minimal tightening for prolonged packing performance thus resulting in increased packing life.

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