A History Of Quality

This Company focused on the Oil and Gas Industry and we market the following products in various sizes: Chevron-type Packing; Crown Rings; Cone Packing; ProLong™ Packing (developed by APAC, this is a Chevron-type packing with “memory”); Ratigan-type Packing; Stripper Rubber; Polished Rod Clamp; Stuffing Box, Blow Out Preventor (BOP); Ratigan-type brass; Johnson Fagg brass, and Skinner brass. Future products include Polished Rod; Rod Box; Packer Cup and new developments are underway. Oil field testing by a number of oil industry service companies prove that Veraton NS-500™ is substantially more resistant to water, heat, friction and corrosive acids which result in a longer lasting product. This in turn dramatically reduces downtime and costs.

American Pacific (APAC) Rubber, Inc has field tested Chevron packing and Crown rings at several wells at ChevronTexaco Corp. (NYSE: CVX) Kern River lease where initial results show APAC’s products withstanding heat and acid up to 8 times longer than competitors’ products.

In the Taft area of California, AERA Energy LLC., ExxonMobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM) and Atlantic Richfield Co. (NYSE: ARC) has been testing the Company’s Ratigan-type and Prolong packing and are experiencing a sharp drop in leakage. Over 10 wells have been tested with all wells showing performance improvement.

Berry Petroleum Co. (NYSE: BRY) is using APAC’s Ratigan-type packing in three problem wells where no other packing lasted more than a few days. After changing to Veraton NS-500T the wells have operated for several months without tightening the packing and with no leaks. Berry has 2600 wells in this area.

Occidental Petroleum Corp. (NYSE: OXY) also had tested the Company’s products in the Taft area.

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